Wednesday, 22 June 2016

Popcorn Friday

popcorn_thumb[5][1]Popcorn Friday
Parent council will be selling bags of Kernels Popcorn at school on Friday, June 24 in the morning.  There will be four flavors to choose from: Buttersalt, Dill Pickle, Cheese, and Caramel.  They will be selling for $2.00 each to take home on Friday. If you would like your child to purchase a bag please send a toonie to school with them on Friday morning.  In addition, any popcorn that is left over, will be sold on the school compound starting at 11:45 am on June 24th.

Monday, 20 June 2016

June 20

Tomorrow is the first day of summer but as Reid says "School is not over"!

Even though there are only 5 more days of school, we continue to work hard here in Room 73.  Our routines are the same and we have many things on the go.  During Writer's Workshop we have been working on writing letters to our future selves, making goals for the summer and writing about our plans for the summer.

Today the grade 2s reviewed representing double digit numbers and the grade 1s worked on math daily 3.  Last week the grade 2s also made a board game to help them with their double digit addition strategies.

This afternoon we went outside for gym and had a few extra minutes to play in the sun.

Just a reminder:  Thursday June 23 is our field trip to Telus Spark.  Please return your field trip form.  We are leaving the building at 11:30 and will return around 2:15 - 2:30.  The program we are participating in is called Math in Motion.  We will be learning about numbers and patterns using our bodies.

Thursday evening from 6-7 is our Celebration of Learning.  Come out and see all the amazing work we have done on our "If I were a bee" projects.

Report cards go home on Friday!

It is Sports Day on Monday June 27.  We will be participating in sports activities in the afternoon only.  In the morning we will do fun activities with our buddy class.  We were hoping to play some board games and/or watch a movie.  Ms. Handelsman and I were thinking of Zootopia. If anyone has this dvd that they are willing to lend us for that day, please send me an email at

Have a wonderfully warm evening.

Wednesday, 8 June 2016

Field trip date was wrong.

I am so sorry that I typed in the wrong date for our fieldtrip to Telus Spark.  The date is actually June 23.  Sorry for the inconvenience.

Tuesday, 7 June 2016

June 7

We have started our soccer residency this week.  Thank goodness our gym time was changed to the morning as it sure would have been hot this afternoon.

On Thursday we will be working with an Artist in Residence named Jenny Dale.  We are making something special for our Dads.

Also I have booked a field trip to Telus Spark on June 21 for the afternoon.  We will be doing a program called math in motion.  I am just waiting for confirmation that a bus is available.  I am looking for 3 parents who would be willing to accompany us on this trip.  We would leave the school around 11:30 and return around 2:30.  Please email me if you are available.  All volunteers are welcome to ride the bus with us.

The afternoon of June 21 is also our Celebration of Learning.  Our class will hopefully visit the other classrooms in the morning.  Parents are still welcome to come in the evening.  For this celebration we are working with our grade 3/4 buddies on a project which represents our inquiry statement "If I were a bee I would want you know.....".

Have a wonderful evening.  Keep cool:)

Tuesday, 31 May 2016

May 31

Today is the last day of May.  Can you believe that tomorrow is June?

We are working on writing riddles about objects or places that we know.  We are writing 3 detailed clues in hopes that others will be able to make a guess.

In Math, we worked on writing word problems.  This was a lot of fun as they kids became very creative.

Today in gym we played scooter hockey which was so much fun and good exercise.

I am sending home a copy of our class picture.

Friday, 27 May 2016

May 27

Happy Friday Families!

This morning we had our final visit with baby Nova, her Mom Megan and Dad Jack.  We are so that this is our last visit but we look forward to seeing her on the playground with her brothers and watching her grow.

Your child will be coming home with a Roots of Empathy Certificate.

We had an assembly this morning and we learned a lot about bugs.

Have a wonderful weekend.

Garden Bed Planting with Eco Team

A Message from the EcoTeam, regarding our Garden Bed Planting event:  Our special event on Saturday willl need to be postponed due to rain. The forecast reads a very high Percent of Precipitation, and the rains are expected to go all weekend.  With that in mind, planting will be very difficult.

So, because of the rain,  we will be inviting students to help us plant, instead, on Wednesday at lunch time and after school.  If families and members of the community want to join us, they are welcome to stop by at 11:15, but they must let Ms. Goldberg know.    

Please contact Ms. Goldberg at .